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Which is better Queen or King (Bed)?

Which is better Queen or King (Bed)?

Imagine this… its Sunday morning, your laying in bed, slowly waking up and you get woken by a knee in the back. Bugger!!

Your laying on the edge of the bed and the other culprit (kids, partner or even both!) are laying across the bed. YOU ARE OVER IT! Is it time to upgrade from your trusted Queen to the ever mighty King mattress?

If you, like most couples out there, share a queen bed have you considered it may be time to upgrade? For a comparison of a Queen and King mattress then read on!

What is the size difference?

We all know that a king size mattress is bigger then a queen, but how much bigger is it?
  • Queen mattress measures 153cm wide x 203cm long
  • King mattress measures 183cm wide x 203cm long

As you can see both King and Queen mattresses are the same length, 203cm, however they have a 30cm width difference with the King being the larger of the two.

30cm is a big difference when you have to share the bed! That's a whole little person or (fat) cat in width!

Okay so now your sold on size, what are some other factors to consider when deciding between a King and Queen mattress?

Researching King and Queen mattresses


Apart from size, Queen or King what other considerations?

The biggest thing to consider would be room size. A queen mattress requires a room with dimensions that can accommodate its size comfortably

Other Queen Mattress Considerations

A queen mattress requires a room with dimensions that can accommodate its size comfortably. Its a popular choice as it suits most average sized bedrooms.

Other King Mattress Considerations

A king mattress is larger than a queen and may require a more spacious bedroom to fit properly. It is commonly chosen for master bedrooms or rooms with a generous space.

Another factor to consider is cost

In general a queen mattress is less expensive then a king mattress of the same type. As it is smaller, it requires less materials to manufacture resulting in lower price point. 

A king mattress is pricer then a queen mattress due to its size and additional materials needed for production.

Next to think about when comparing a queen and king mattress is deciding on the bedding and accessories that come with them.

Queen size bedding is generally more readily available and generally less expensive compared to king sized bedding. Additionally, accessories like bed frames and headboards are more commonly designed to fit queen mattresses.
When choosing between a king and queen mattress its best to consider the size of your bedroom, the amount of sleeping space you prefer and most importantly your budget.

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