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  • Zara Heaboard
    From $150
     - $230
    Sale price
    Rrp $229
    - $579
    UP TO 60% OFF
  • Grace Headboard
    From $200
     - $280
    Sale price
    Rrp $429
    - $499
    UP TO 44% OFF
  • Polo Headboard
    From $230
     - $300
    Sale price
    Rrp $399
    - $699
    UP TO 57% OFF
  • Capri Headboard
    From $280
     - $350
    Sale price
    Rrp $499
    - $749
    UP TO 53% OFF

Upholstered Bedheads and Headboards

The perfect bed has a number of features. While the showstopper is the great mattress, bed bases and headboards can have a huge impact on the look of your bedroom, and a new addition can completely update your look. At Mobile Mattress, we have designed a range of upholstered bedheads that create a stylish, modern look to your bedroom, as well as providing added support décor to your current bed.


Update your bedroom style at Mobile Mattress

Our range of upholstered bedheads use linen to create a modern look while separating your mattress from backing in the wall. It also provides further support and enhances the look of your bedroom. Combined with the right bed base, our headboards can transform your bed into a stylish, trendy furnishing. Choose from a range of neutral colours that are sure to suit any home and discover the difference a sturdy headboard makes.

Mobile Mattress is a Brisbane based company delivering quality beds to customers through Sydney, Canberra and all across Australia. Our wholesale, discount prices are a result of cutting out the middlemen, farewelling franchise feeds, import costs and more. We deliver our products straight from our warehouse to you, ensuring the best prices and prompt delivery. Get back to a great night’s sleep sooner with a helping hand from Mobile Mattress. Whether you need a new bed frame to update the bedroom or looking for the perfect mattress at an affordable price, Mobile Mattress has it all.

Order yours today for quick dispatch.

We process every order quickly and efficiently, ensuring that orders are dispatched as soon as possible. We want you in your new bed as soon as possible, so make it our mission to take care with every order made. Through a mission to deliver excellence in our product range and team providing the best customers service available, we have left hundreds of customers across Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and across the country happy with their new purchase.

Take a look at our latest headboard designs, made from durable fabric and materials. If you have any questions about our product range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling us on 1300 791 170.