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The differences between pocketed coil mattresses and other spring types

The differences between pocketed coil mattresses and other spring types

You're ready to replace that old, lumpy bed. You want a new mattress that delivers the best rest you can afford. It's an important purchase, and you look forward to it. Still, you don't want any confusion about which choices make sense and which ones are just hype.

Here at Mobile Mattress, we're often asked about the difference between a regular innerspring mattress and a pocketed coil mattress. Both beds are built with a steel spring support system, but they're separated in comfort and durability by design, materials and construction.

When you're shopping for the best pocketed coil mattress for your money, you need to know all the facts. For instance, the number of coils in a bed isn't as important as their shape. Let's take a look at key points and compare ordinary innerspring beds to pocketed coil models.

Regular Innerspring Beds vs. Pocketed Coil Mattresses: Differences That Count

If you're not familiar with different types of mattress coils, you're in good company. Everyone knows that springs support a bed, but coils aren't all made alike. Traditional steel coil mattresses are built with a series of springs networked throughout the bed. Pocketed coils are each wrapped in fabric and individually encased so that they perform independently. That design results in real advantages over regular mattress construction.

1. Shape That Lasts

Regular innerspring mattresses are built with connected springs that form a single unit. Each coil features an hourglass shape that leaves it wide on the top and bottom and thin through the middle.

Pocketed coils are constructed with a uniform width from top to bottom. This design eliminates the weak points that eventually break down traditional hourglass-shaped springs. Each pocketed coil independently contributes to the strength that makes this type of bed hold up longer than an ordinary coil mattress.

2. Better Sleep Support

Imagine lying down on a network of interconnected springs. Now, picture relaxing on a support system that contours to your body. That's one of the big differences between a traditional innerspring mattress and a pocketed coil bed.

Independent coils individually respond to movement during the night relieving stress on your body's pressure points. The best pocketed coil mattress evenly distributes weight and relieves aching shoulders, back and hips.

3. Real Comfort for Couples

When you and your partner settle in for the night, you expect restful peace and quiet. However, an ordinary coil mattress can bounce, squeak and chronically disturb deep sleep without actually waking you. The two of you become habituated to the motion and noise.

Pocketed coils aren't wired together like traditional innersprings, and this design prevents them from generating noisy squeaks. The mattress silently supports you and minimizes motion transfer between you and your partner. You both enjoy peaceful slumber all night long.

4. Affordable Price Points

Like most innovative products, the first pocketed coil mattresses were more expensive than regular beds. Since then, advances in design and materials have significantly reduced manufacturing costs. Their rise in popularity has also helped bring down the price of these models.

Today, you don't pay very much more for a pocketed coil bed than you do for a regular innerspring. While the final cost of even the best coil spring mattress might be higher than that of a similar bed with ordinary springs, its durability means years of affordable and comfortable return on your investment.

Choosing Pocketed Coils That Fit You: A Great Range of Impressive Options

Now that you better understand the differences between an ordinary innerspring mattress and one constructed with pocketed coils, you may still have some questions. We're happy to help so that you can decide on buying a new bed with complete confidence. Customers like to compare prices and features to get an overall feel for the different brands and models we carry here at Mobile Mattress.

When we talk about pocketed coil systems and how well they work for so many people, two manufacturers are always a part of the conversation. Primo International and MLily both produce great pocketed coil mattresses. From budget-friendly bedding to a premium hybrid memory foam mattress, their options are very impressive.

The Harmony - by Sleepdivine

Harmony is an outstanding example of innovative design and quality construction. Its coil pocketed system offers deep support made all the more relaxing with three layers of foam. The results are:

• Greatly reduced motion transfer across independently pocketed coils.
• Efficient body heat dissipation through premium gel foam.
• A coil and foam mattress that provides the best of both at an affordable price point.

If you're a side sleeper longing for lasting comfort, the Harmony's combination of pocketed coils and memory foam ensures a truly restorative slumber. Priced from $899, this hybrid mattress is a smart investment in home bedding made even more solid by Sleepdivine 10-year warranty.

Why Pocketed Coil Mattresses Are a Better Choice: Our Summary

We've been in the bedding business for a long time. Based on our extensive industry knowledge and years of experience, we believe pocketed coil mattresses are a better choice than traditional innersprings. Let's sum up the facts.

• Compared to regular springs, the uniform design of pocketed coils greatly extends their performance life.
• The system doesn't rely on connections between coils, so you enjoy even support regardless of sleep position.
• These mattresses efficiently reduce motion transfer and noise because each spring is built into an individual pocket.
• From inexpensive models to luxury hybrids, pocketed coil mattresses consistently deliver proven value for their price.

If you'd like more details about these Sleepdivine mattresses, give us a call, or stop by our Capalaba Showroom We offer free metro delivery* when you order your new mattress online.

Separating Facts and Hype: Our Commitment to You

It's our goal to share all the information you need to make smart buying decisions that fit your lifestyle and budget. Our teams really enjoy being your guides as you choose a bed that makes your dreams of a good night's sleep come true. That's why you have our commitment to separating mattress facts from mattress hype.

When you're ready to settle down with the best rest you can afford, you can count on us here at Mobile Mattress for the mattress of your dreams.

We make dreams happen. Zzz

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