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How to choose the right bed for a teenager

How to choose the right bed for a teenager

The teenage years can be challenging for both parents and teenagers. Just when you thought you had overcome the emotional breakdowns and physical changes of the toddler years, teenage-hood hits you hard! The emotions and physical changes are back with a vengeance and can wreak havoc on your life again. As your teenager enters this phase, they may need a bedroom makeover to transition from childhood to adulthood. Getting rid of all the “kid” stuff and opting for more “grown-up” things can be a challenge, but don't worry, Mobile Mattress is here to help! If you're wondering where to start, let me offer some advice:

When choosing a bed for a teenager, it's important to consider their comfort, preferences, and the available space. Here are some factors to keep in mind:


Consider the size of the room and the available space. If the room is small, a double bed might be more appropriate. However, if space allows, a queen-sized bed could provide extra room and comfort. Additionally, take into account the size of your teenager. Will their feet stick out of a double bed when they hit their next growth spurt? To avoid this, queen and king-size beds would be the best option as they provide the longest length.

Style and Design

Involve your teenager in the decision-making process. Consider their preferences when choosing the style and design of the bed. The bed should reflect their personality, whether they prefer a classic, modern, or eclectic style.


Opt for a bed with additional features if needed. Some beds come with storage drawers underneath, which can be useful for keeping the room organised. Loft beds with built-in desks or seating areas are great for maximising space.


Test the mattress for comfort. Let your teenager try different mattresses to find one that suits their comfort preferences. Memory foam, pocket springs, and hybrid mattresses are popular choices.


Teenagers can be rough on furniture, so consider the bed's durability. Look for sturdy construction and quality materials. Metal or wooden frames are common choices.


Set a budget for the bed, including the mattress and any additional features. While it's essential to invest in quality, options are available at various price points. For example we have a double mattress for $299.

Long-Term Considerations

Consider whether the chosen bed will suit your teenager's needs in the long term. Teenagers grow quickly, so it might be worth considering any changes in their preferences or lifestyle.

About Mobile Mattress

At Mobile Mattress, we offer a wide range of high-quality mattresses in various sizes, including double, queen, and king sizes. The most popular mattress sizes for teenagers are either double or queen, and we recommend our Optimal Support, Advanced Posture, or Naptime mattresses. To complement our mattresses, we also offer bed bases such as our Porto bed base, which comes flat-packed with an easy one-tool assembly. The Bella Drawer base is another option that provides additional storage space if required. Our bed bases are made with high-quality fabric, which can be easily washed, and they come in various colours to suit most teenagers' rooms. Additionally, don't forget to complete the look with one of our beautiful headboards!

By considering these factors, you can choose a bed that not only meets your teenager's practical needs but also aligns with their personal style and comfort preferences.

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