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Naptime 2.0 Compared One Bed Mattress

Naptime 2.0 Compared One Bed Mattress

Battle of the Beds

McDonalds V Hungry Jacks, Coke V Pepsi, Kmart v Big W, we could debate over these epic brands for ages, but really whos got time for that? Naptime 2.0 Vs One Bed, now there's a battle we feel confident about and whos in for the win!

While we love to support our fellow Aussies in business, we simply offer a few extra things that One Bed can't. That’s why we are weighing up the pros and cons of our mattresses so you can decide once and for all who the ultimate napper is.


Who's better in bed? Naptime 2.0 V One Bed

So you’re shopping for a new bed and came across these two mattresses, both Australian based and both very competitive on price, now lets see who stacks up, Naptime or One Bed? For a fair comparison we have reviewed the queen size versions to determine who takes the prize.


One Bed Mattress

  • Price - RRP $810
  • Warranty - 15 Year Warranty
  • Unique Features - customisable comfort, zero motion transfer and temperature regulation
  • Cooling Technology - Cooling Gel infused memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic Materials - Yes latex layer
  • Partner Disturbance - Yes


Naptime 2.0

  • Price - RRP $799
  • Warranty - 10 Year Warranty
  • Unique Features - Hybrid mattress (pocket spring and foam) means the best of both are offered in the Naptime 2.0, Anti partner disturbance and temperature regulation are also unique features for the Naptime 2.0
  • Cooling Technology - Cool Gel infused memory foam
  • Hypoallergenic Materials - Yes Hypoallergenic natural latex
  • Partner Disturbance - Yes


Naptime mattress compared to One Bed Mattress

 (The Naptime 2.0 Queen Mattress)

The Verdict

Sure, One Bed beat us on their warranty, they offer an extra 5 years on top of our 10 year warranty, but we really want to know how much extra bacteria accumulates over that 5 year period? Do you really want to sleep with all those extra dead skin cells (yuck). And they have a customisble comfort which is awesome but when it comes to the clear winner, we think the Springs have it, sorry guys!

The Naptime 2.0 is more affordable, offers a supportive 5 zoned pocket spring system and uses a combination of Gel Infused memory foam and Latex layers for the comfiest nap you

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