Osteo Support

Sink into a blissful sleep with the Osteo Support-Latex Mattress. The natural latex conforms to your body, alleviating areas of high pressure and regulating your body temperature to keep you comfortable all year round. Features a pillow top layer for added comfort and longevity. Great for everyday use. Medium feel.

Features a 3 zone pocket spring system that minimises partner disturbance, and provide better support then the innerspring counterpart. The Osteo support pillow top layer is sewn into the mattress and includes 50mm high-density foam and latex layers to help fight bed bugs, dust mites and is hyper allergenic.

It is also breathable and will allow the mattress to disperse heat. Provides a siro-knitted fabric on top, adding superior comfort and plush feel. The Osteo Support uses high tech vacuum packaging technology, for easy handling and safe transport.   


 Mattress | Specs 

Comfort Level 
Medium - 5/10  

Spring Type 
3 Zone Pocket Coil 

Profile Height 
260mm - (26cm)

Manufacturer Warranty
5 Years  

* Please Note: Marco Bed Bases are made to order. All Porto Bed Bases are readily available for pickup or fast dispatch.


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Trust -  We support Australia’s growth and are proud to manufacture Australian Made certified products. Lic No: 7245

Value - It’s simple, NO MIDDLEMEN. We design and manufacture our very own exclusive sleep products, providing the highest quality at the most competitive prices.  

Time - Marco Bed Bases are made to order. All Porto Bed Bases are readily available for pickup or fast dispatch.


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  Comfort Layers 

Ultra-loft quilting and plush 50mm high density foam pillow top provides added softness for extra comfort and support. The comfort layers encased within the mattress feature premium polyester fibres for plush support and luxury peel foam for long-lasting comfort. This ensures you'll enjoy total comfort without compromising on the support you desire.


  3 Zone Pocket Coil             

Advanced coils wrapped individually extend the life of your mattress to provide maximum core spinal support. The pocket spring system offers complete independence from one another, helping to reduce partner disturbance and roll-together. The Osteo Support pocket spring is without doubt the most advanced pocket spring available on the world market and takes sleeping comfort to a new level. 


  100% Natural Latex

Specifically designed to breathe more freely and mould to your body shape, our 100% Natural Latex supports your body uniformly, yet yields to the extra pressure and shape of your hips and shoulders, providing correct spinal support. Our Natural Latex also provides a charge down barrier against bed bugs, dust mites, and is a Hypo – Allergenic treated material.  


  Spinal Support System  

The Spring System has different levels of flexibility so it can respond to your body as it needs to. Every part of your body is supported by 3 individual zones that allow for exceptional conformability to your body’s curves, including targeted area’s that support the lower back. This provides correct spinal alignment and sleeping posture. 


   Anti Partner Disturbance 

Reduce partner disturbance and eliminate mattress roll with this advanced pocket coil system. Providing optimal orthopaedic support, the pocket spring system offers complete independence helping to maintain natural spinal alignment and distribute body pressure. This results in a more comfortable sleep with less disturbance.  


   Hypo - Allergenic

All of mattresses are made without dangerous toxins and chemicals like formaldehyde that leave foreign-made mattresses smell. Our mattresses are odourless, eliminating one of the biggest complaints of mattresses. We help you obtain odour-free, top-line mattresses that finally give you the rest you deserve.


  Flip Free' Technology 

Gone are the days of flipping and turning your heavy mattress, with 'Flip Free' technology this means you don't need to turn your mattress over. (Hooray!)


  Australian Owned and Operated 

Mobile Mattress is a 100% Australian owned and operated business. (You little ripper!) 


  -5 Year Warranty

Backed by an Australian 5 Year Factory Warranty, Our 100% Mobile Mattress Guarantee.