Oasis Gel Ensemble


At the end of a long day you simply want to sink into your bed and drift off into dreamland for a full night of wonderful, rejuvenating, and restful sleep so you can get up with a spring in your step and a smile on your face, ready for the day. The Oasis Gel is the mattress that will assist with that.  

Thanks to comfort layers filled with deluxe, premium foam offering a medium feel, the Oasis Gel mattress is perfect for those who prefer a medium sleeping surface. Pre-compressed foams ensure minimal body impressions, providing a more consistent feel to the Oasis Gel mattress.

Fine Tencel quilt fabric, durable Super Soft quilt foam, high-density and long-lasting premium foam, all work together to provide quality comfort and relieve pressure on the body. Offering Gel infused foam the Oasis is 30% cooler then other mattresses on the market. 

The Uni-cased side support eliminates lateral spring instability and partner disturbance so you'll get a better night's sleep. The 7 Zone Pocket spring system senses your body weight and responds initially with conforming support, and then extra correct support so your muscles can relax and recover while you sleep. 


 Mattress Specs 

Comfort Level
Medium - 5/10 

Spring Type
7 Zone Pocket Coil System

Profile Height
320mm (32cm)

Manufacturer Warranty
15 Years


 Why choose us?

Trust -   We support Australia’s growth and are proud to manufacture Australian Made certified products. Lic No: 7245

Value - It’s simple, NO MIDDLEMEN. We design and manufacture our very own exclusive sleep products, providing the highest quality at the most competitive prices.  

Time - Zero wait time! Purchase your product online or in-store and receive immediate dispatch or same day collection.


 What our customers say? 

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  Gel-infused Memory Foam 

The Gel Infused Memory Foam is a new innovation, combining the therapeutic benefits of memory foam with the cool and comfortable properties of gel. The high thermal conductivity of Gel is a cooling property used in the medical industry. The Oasis Gel is combined with the specially designed woven air-flow design, to optimise the dispersion of heat from the body, head and neck whilst sleeping.


 3D Flow Fabric

3D flow-knitted textile, perfectly combines high breathability heat management, by providing the new revolutionary 3D air/flow system. The 3D element acts as insulator and buffer for humidity and heat, being evacuated by compression makes for dispersion of air and moisture. Liquid and air pass through the upper surface and the microfilaments helps to transport liquid (sweat) away.  Warm in the winter - Cool in the Summer


  100% Natural Latex

Specifically designed to breathe more freely and mould to your body shape, our 100% Natural Latex supports your body uniformly, yet yields to the extra pressure and shape of your hips and shoulders, providing correct spinal support. Our Natural Latex also provides a charge down barrier against bed bugs, dust mites, and is a Hypo – Allergenic treated material.  


 Comfort Layers   

Looking for relief and endless support? Comfort layers encased within the mattress feature premium polyester fibres for plush support and luxury peel foam for long-lasting comfort. This ensures you'll enjoy total comfort without compromising on the support you desire.


  Anti Partner Disturbance 

Tired of waking up at night because of your partner's movements? Receive complete Anti Partner Disturbance and eliminate mattress roll with this advanced coil system.   


  Advanced Pocket Coil System  

Advanced Twin Pocket Coils, are wrapped individually to extend the life of your mattress and operate independently to provide maximum core spinal support. This twin spring system provides a Premium 8 Turn Pocket Coil delivering the finest feel offering ZERO partner disturbance.


 7 Zone Spring System   (Premium)

The 7-Zone pocket spring is the most advanced pocket spring available on the world market and takes sleeping comfort to a new level. The 7-Zone edge-to-edge support divides the mattress into seven sections providing individual support levels in specific, well-known areas to promote natural spinal alignment and extra lumbar support where you need it most.


 Reinforced Edge Support 

Want that true edge-to-edge support! Our highly advanced coil springs provides layers of extra foam inserted between coils to promote additional edge support whilst providing a firm seating edge and sturdy feel.


 Hypo-Dust Mite Resistant 

Hypo - Allergenic treatment of materials in this mattress help prevent the growth of dust mites, bacteria and mould. The natural antibacterial properties also eliminate unwanted odours.


 Australian Owned and Operated 

 100% Australian owned and operated for your piece of mind (You little ripper!) 


 15 Year Warranty

Backed by an Australian 15 Year Factory Warranty, Our 100% Mobile Mattress Guarantee.