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Ways in which a mattress affects your health

Ways in which a mattress affects your health

We all are familiar with the words: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” However, a lot gets missed in this sentence. While it is a good habit to go early to bed, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will enjoy a good sleep.

There are several factors that determine the quality of your sleep and one of them is the bed mattress.

A mattress can be of various sizes. It can be a king size mattress from Brisbane or a queen size one. Your bed mattress can be firm or soft. But do you know how it is affecting you?

A mattress not only affects your sleep but also your health in a number of ways. Let’s find them out.

1. Your bed mattress can create a health hazard.

If you are not cleaning your bed sheets or pillow covers properly, dust and bugs can cause your mattress seeping to the mattress to be a site of potential risk. It can harm your health and make you fall sick.

2. Buying a new mattress reduces stress levels

According to a research done on a group of people, it was observed that buying a new mattress can cause significant reduction in stress levels. So if you have been feeling stressed lately and tossing and turning around in your bed, buying a new mattress can be a good option.

3. Using your mattress while working can affect your sleeping pattern

If you are using your mattress for anything other than sleeping or sex, your brain may get used to that signal making it difficult for you to fall asleep when you crash on your bed.


A bed mattress affects the quality of your sleep which determines your mood. It also affects your health in a number of ways. Would you really compromise on the quality of your bed mattress?

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