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The headboard guide for Australian parents

The headboard guide for Australian parents

How important are they? Do you really need them?

As a mum of two little ones I LOVE the idea of headboards especially for kids. If anyone's kids are like mine they move around the bed in every direction, the idea of a headboard really keeps my mind at ease to know they wont be banging their heads against the wall, and then waking up (NOOOOO!!) . Plus Mr 6 loves to read his books leaning up against his headboard every night. We purchased our headboard from Mobile Mattress. It looks amazing and was almost half the price of those other “kid brand” headboards that I was looking at.

However, headboards are not everyone's cup of tea. If you want some different ideas to what you can use instead of a headboard have a look at some of these:


What can I use instead of a headboard?

There are a few alternatives rather then using a traditional headboard in your bedroom:

Wall decals or stickers: You can add a decorative touch to the wall behind your bed with removable wall decals or stickers. These can range from simple patterns or shapes to more elaborate designs, and can be easily removed or changed when you want to update the decor.

Large scale artwork: having a large piece of artwork above your bed can serve as a great focal point and adds a bit of interest to your room. You can choose between a painting, print or photo that compliments your bedding and other decor. 

Curtains: hanging curtains behind your bed can create a soft romantic look and also create some privacy. You can choose sheer or light coloured curtains for a more light and airy feel or heavier drapes for a more dramatic effect.

Shelving: install a row of floating shelves above your bed to create both storage and display spaces. You can use the shelfs to display books, plants or other decorative trinkets.

Mirror: hang a large mirror behind your bed to reflect light and create the illusion of more space. You can choose a simple or rectangular mirror or opt for a more ornate shape or frame.


How can I make my bed look nice without a headboard?

There are several ways to make your bed look nice without a headboard, I personally love the use of pillows and artwork to help fill in a blank wall.

Use decorative pillows: decorative pillows can add colour, texture and visual interest to your bed. Arrange them in different sizes and shapes for a more layered look.

Hang Artwork: hanging a piece of artwork or gallery wall above your bed can serve as a focal point and adds more visual interest to your space, rather then a headboard. 

Use a bed runner: A bed runner is a decorative piece of fabric that runs horizontally across the width of the bed. It can add colour or texture to your room and helps anchor the look of your bed.

Incorporate a statement piece: if you don't have a headboard, consider incorporating a statement piece of furniture or decor into your bedroom. This could be a large piece of artwork, a beautiful rug, or unique bedside table.


How can I make my bed comfortable without a headboard?

Another query people might have when they dont want to run a headboard is how to make the bed comfortable while not having a headboard to lean back on. The use of pillows can help make a comfortable and supportive headrest. European pillows will really help to give the “look” of a headboard without having an actual headboard and since they are larger then standard pillows may be more comfortable as well.


What is a bed called that has no headboard?

A bed without a headboard is called an ensemble bed or ensemble bed base. An ensemble is typically mattress and base only. A bed frame typically frames the mattress and includes a headboard as it is joined to the frame.


Can you add a headboard to a bed that doesn't have one?

Generally speaking you can add a headboard to most bed bases or frames that dont have one already attached. Be sure to measure the width of the headboard and base to make sure both fit as some headboards can be wider then the frame. Some headboards also come with special attachments that you can use to attach the headboard to the base.

As you can see there are some really great ideas on an alternatives to headboards, however if your looking for a great value headboard without the hefty price tag look no further then Mobile Mattress.



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