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The no BS guide to choosing a mattress

The no BS guide to choosing a mattress

Losing sleep over choosing a mattress? Confused by all the BS terms? I think we can all agree, choosing a mattress is no easy task.

As you've probably seen, there are literally hundreds of stores, both online and retail stores, offering all types of mattresses options. Yep, buying a mattress can be overwhelming, confusing, costly and at times, frustrating.

But never fear! We are here to help break it all down for you into plain English, remove the BS and in 5 easy steps help you choose the right mattress.

  1. Mattress Size
  2. Mattress Type
  3. Budget
  4. Firmness
  5. Sleeping positions/weight

1. Mattress Size

The first things you need to consider for your new mattress, and possibly one of the easiest, is determining the correct mattress size for you and your room. You don't want to be like Ross from Friends shouting "PIVOT" but with the wrong sized mattress instead of couch!



In Australia, there are 5 common mattress sizes available...

  • Single 92cm x 188cm
  • King Single 107cm x 203cm
  • Double 137cm x 188cm
  • Queen 153cm x 203cm
  • King 183cm x 203cm

Some stores offer Super Long Singles and Super King sizes in their range also, but sizes really vary here.

Make sure the mattress size you choose will fit into your room. Keep in mind doorways, stairwells and corridors may not fit large size mattresses or bases.

It's time to get out the tape measure and make sure a mattress will fit in the space you need it to.

2. Mattress Type – Springs or Foam? Latex or Memory foam?

The next important factor in choosing a mattress is what “type” of mattress construction you require. This is where it can get a little confusing and where most people get frustrated, it all just sounds so technical!

Unfortunately, there is not just “one” mattress that fits everybody. We are all different from our body types, sizes and comfort requirements. What might be soft for you could be firm for another.

You have 2 main options to consider here – Springs or Foam?
Foam can then be broken down into 2 further categories, latex or memory foam. Some mattresses are made of a combination of foam and either latex or memory foam.

Confused yet?


Don't be worried if you are. This is what you really need to know about which mattress is right for you.

It all comes down to personal preference of two types of mattresses...

Spring Mattresses

Do you like the idea of a mattress that provides spinal support, pressure relief and can help to absorb body weight? If so you're looking for a spring mattress.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses have become quite popular the past few years particularly with the expansion of all the mattress in a box companies online. If you're not bothered by spinal support and don't need pressure relief on certain areas of your body, then foam mattresses will be the way to go.

Warning though, foam mattresses can get  hot so keep this in mind when looking at the specs of a foam mattress, especially if you live in Queensland. 

3. Budget

Who doesn't want value for money?

Unless you're WAG of a sports star, the price matters. But you can buy a mattress from as little as $50 up to an eye watering $20,000 (I mean seriously, is it made of gold or something?)

A few years ago the only option was to go in-store, which almost always meant overpaying for a mediocre mattress or offering your first born child up for a great mattresses.

The online mattress industry is helping to change that. With so many companies, like Mobile Mattress, building exceptional mattresses at fair and reasonable prices by cutting out the middle men, consumers are able to set a modest budget and get a great bed.

But what is a reasonable price?

It's different for each person and their financial situations but here are three price points we recommended (for a queen size) and where you'd use them that give the best “bang for buck” which means you aren't overpaying or paying too little that the quality will be really poor.

Entry to Mid Range
$249 - $399 (AUD)
Great for the spare room, guest beds or children's bed.

Mid Range
$549 - $899

Ideal for those on a budget but not wanting to compromise on comfort.

Luxury Range
$999 - $1,499

With this price range, you can get a high-quality comfortable mattress that will provide longevity.

A bed or mattress can be quite an investment, but there are easy ways to pay for it. With the introduction of Afterpay and Zip Pay getting a comfortable mattress is now more affordable then ever!

See our guide to buying a bed on Afterpay here.

4. Firmness

Now, this is where it can get a little tricky!!!

This is due to the fact that firmness is highly subjective. After all, what does it mean to be “firm” or “soft”? Each individual has a different perspective and definition of what these words mean based on their perceptions, understandings and desires.

Support or Firmness?

A lot of times people confuse support with firmness. A simple way to break it down is that a mattress that provides good comfort doesn’t mean it will be supportive.

A good supportive mattress simply means that it keeps your spine in proper alignment without creating pressure points. If a mattress doesn’t offer adequate support, you will more then likely wake up sore or in pain.

Firmness relates more to how comfortable a mattress feels initially. Whether it be hard or soft, the optimal firmness level goes hand in hand with comfort.

5. Sleeping Positions

What position do you sleep in? Side, back, tummy, or a little bit of each?

Everyone sleeps in their own unique way and your primary sleeping position, body type and weight will also have a major impact on the firmness level that is best suited for you.

The big problem most people encounter is they are not looking for a mattress that suits their sleeping style. Each sleeping position has its own specific needs and ideal firmness level.

Let's break down all the styles below and their recommended firmness level to take the guesswork/BS out of it for you.

Side Sleeper

Side sleepers don’t always remain in the same position and a lot of the times rotate from both legs straight to one bent, to both bent. With this constant changing, side sleepers would be more suited so a soft – medium level firmness, usually something in the 4-6 range out of 10 (10 being the firmest). A soft- medium mattress with a lot of support will relieve pressure points on your neck and back.

Firmness and feel are incredibly important for our side sleeper friends as you will need a mattress that is soft enough to contour to the curves of your body.

A mattress that is too firm won't contour to your shape, resulting in a lack of support that usually creates pressure points leading to lower back and neck pain and/or shoulder pain.

Mobile Mattress has a great selection of soft- medium mattresses that will suit side sleepers.

Finding mattresses for side sleepers

Go to our mattress page and use the filter on the left and select "Medium/Plush" mattresses. These are the mattresses for you side sleepers. Simples!

Back sleepers

Hands up if you’re a back sleeper?

Firmness and support are both important for you back sleepers. A mattress that is too soft will create pressure points and will not provide the right amount of push back you need.

In addition, if the bed is not supportive it will cause your spinal alignment to be out which can lead to back problems. The ideal mattress firmness for our back-sleeper friends is one that provides enough softness to eliminate pressure points but still offers great support.

Usually, a mattress that has a firmness rating of 5-7 is appropriate. Mobile Mattress offers a great range of mattresses to support back sleepers.

Finding mattresses for side sleepers

Go to our mattress page and use the filter on the left and select "Medium" and "Medium/Firm" mattresses. These are the mattresses for you side sleepers. Easy.

Tummy Sleeper

The number one rule for our tummy sleepers when looking for a mattress is support.

The torso will apply the most pressure to the mattress for tummy sleepers. For this reason, our tummy sleepers will require a mattress that provides equal support across their body. If the midsection sinks at the middle of the mattress (this will mean the mattress is too soft) you will notice a curving of the spine which can cause lower back pain.

Tummy sleepers need to be as flat as possible with respect to the surface of the mattress. Keep In mind tummy sleepers, even something as simple as a tall pillow can cause your spine to be out of alignment resulting in pain and discomfort.

Finding a mattress for a tummy sleeper

Typically you will need a mattress that is in the 7-9 firmness range. Mobile Mattress has a great mattress for tummy sleepers called the Indulgence (or as we call it, "The Firm One"). It is a non-pillow top, therefore, the mattress is as flat as possible and is rated firm.

How To Find "The" Mattress

So now you know what size, type and price of mattress will suit you, how do you find it?

We've setup our Mattress selection page so you can easily select the size you're looking for and the firmness that will suit you...

Mattress selector filters

Head over to our mattress page and use the filters on the left hand side. This will narrow down your choice. Then you just need to select the price you'd like to pay and the size you need from underneath the mattress...

Mattress price and size selection

On the mattress, page check the specifications tab and it will tell you how the mattress is made (remember you decided this in step 2 above)

Mattress specifications spring or foam

If that all seems too hard..

Just give us a call and we'll talk you through it in plain English. Our show room is based just south of Brisbane but we ship all over Australia.

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