Factory Direct


“Shop Direct And Save – Cutting out the Middleman!”

  • No Middlemen = Manufacturer Direct Prices
  • No Inflated Rents = Cutting Costs, Saving You
  • No Franchise Fee’s = Genuine Unbeatable Pricing

Cutting costs not corners, As Australia's #1 Mobile Bedroom Store we are able to directly manufacturer and bypass the agents, importers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers that are usually part of the retail process. By cutting out these expensive middlemen, we can pass the savings on to you, where they belong!

At Mobile Mattress we aim to bring you the lowest prices possible every day, and that's a promise. You can trust that you receive superior products for the most competitive prices within the market hands down. No Gimmicks. If you ever have a problem you can call or email us directly. You won’t have to call anyone else to solve issues. That’s a powerful peace of mind. 

There’s no middlemen and no potential finger pointing if something goes wrong. The dealer says it’s the manufacturer’s fault, and the manufacturer blames the issue on the supplier, and while they battle it out, you, the customer, live with the issues- not if it’s truly bought direct!.



"We wont be beaten on price or quality!"

Unbeatable Prices – With no middlemen claiming profits on each sale, you save money in a tremendous way… as much as a 65% difference in price.

Please note: We do not belong to a franchise brand so you don’t need to pay for our franchise fees, nor do you need to contribute towards inflated showroom rents…so you can feel confident knowing that your purchase will be of the quality that suites your needs and budget whilst representing exceptional value.  

For further information regarding the Best Price Guarantee please contact one of our friendly Team Members.  


Great mattresses for every budget and comfort level

We’ve done the hard part for you–putting the best mattresses at every price point under one roof. We believe a mattress should do 4 things, really well—

Provide Support - The perfect mattress should conform to the unique and specific shape of your body, allowing the contours of your body to comfortably settle into the softer materials, but keeping your spine in a straight line while you sleep.

Relieve Pressure - Your mattress should provide pressure relief in areas of your body that can ache or be sore at the end of the day—specifically your hips and shoulders. A good mattress does this by distributing your body weight evenly.

Control Temperature - Your mattress should allow you to maintain a neutral temperature as you sleep. Special materials in the top and outer layers of the mattress help regulate airflow and wick moisture to keep your body temperature constant.

Respond to Motion - You change positions dozens of times during the night and your mattress should allow you to move around without being impeded by the mattress and with minimal effort. If you sleep with a partner, you should be able to move freely without disturbing them.

Visit Mobile Mattress and one of our experts will guide you to the mattress that fits your specific needs. No pressure. No haggling. Just the most comfortable mattresses on the market.


We Make Dreams Happen.