Mobile Mattress managing director Dean Halhead.
Mobile Mattress managing director Dean Halhead.

Mobile Mattress owner Dean Halhead sleeps easy despite growing competition

Dean Halhead, the owner of Brisbane business Mobile Mattress, has not lost any sleep since new rivals entered his market.

Competition in Australia’s mattress delivery market has become fierce since the likes of Koala, Ecosa and Sommuto set up shop this year.

But before those online players were able to get a foothold, Mr Halhead’s Mobile Mattress was already disrupting the age-old mattress buying process.

“We were the pioneers three years ago of the e-commerce mattress business, so this makes us ahead of the game,” Mr Halhead said.

“Customers are starting to understand that it is important to shop around not only for the best price but the best quality and turn around time.

“We specialise in the highest grade pocket coil systems, which is the most advanced spring system on the market today, while still using the highest density foams and memory foams that are also sold in these mattresses.”

Mobile Mattress was launched in 2013 after Mr Halhead realised there was a gap in the market for speedy mattress providers.

Mr Halhead said the business had gone from strength to strength due to its distribution model.

Customers get products direct from the factory at Capalaba, where they are designed and manufactured and then delivered direct to the customer’s door.

After launching with just himself, Mr Halhead now employs seven staff and hopes to expand into all major cities across Australia with Mobile Mattress’s online, in-store and mobile shopping options.

Date Posted: 1 June 2017

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Date Posted: 1 June 2017

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